Shammah's Beanfield Award Of Excellence

Shammah's Beanfield Award of Excellence

There is a battle going on today for the minds of men and women. In this battle, the forces of good and evil are fully engaged. Those who are selected for this award will have demonstrated their determination to take their stand on the side of good. This award is rare and given only to those Webmasters that exhibit the moral excellence of Shammah, one of the mighty men of David, who stood in his own beanfield when all others had fled, permitting the Lord to bring about a great victory through him (2 Samuel 23:11-12). To all who fled before the enemy, it was only a beanfield, and, in their minds, worth no more than a “hill of beans.” But to Shammah, the beanfield belonged to the Lord and His people, and therefore he believed it was worth fighting for. This award will be given only to those webmasters who I believe exemplify the spirit of Shammah. Although I am looking for certain objective criteria, ultimately my decision will be somewhat subjective. If you believe that, like Shammah, you have been standing in your own beanfield and making a difference in the present struggle, or if you know someone who is, then you can submit your or their site for consideration. I will review all sites and decide if they meet my criteria. If you do not hear from me within two weeks, you did not win.

Your site must be well written, with few, if any, spelling or grammatical mistakes. Your site must be aesthetically pleasing, well thought-out, and easy to navigate. A lot of fancy graphics are not necessary. In fact, such may even hurt you if they slow the site down too much. I am more interested in the communicated word than I am with your artistic ability, but this is the internet and therefore the design of your site is not unimportant. If the graphics you use are not your own, then I expect to see credit given to the artist, consistent with proper netiquette. Further, the site must view well with both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. I don't expect you to get all your HTML perfect—I certainly haven't—but I don't want to see any serious mistakes either. I will check your site with a HTML validator. If your site is not regularly maintained, with links current, then you will not be considered for this award. Unfortunately, the beanfields some of you are defending do not, in my opinion, belong to the Lord or His people. So, if you're fighting the wrong enemy in the wrong place, you'll not be considered for this award. Most who apply for this award will not win. If this happens to you, it's not an insult, just one man's opinion.

One last point. I am interested in sites that provide original material and reflect the webmaster's own work. Now, if you still want to apply for this award. Send me an e-mail that includes your name, e-mail address, name of your site, and your URL by clicking here.

The Winners

Doy Moyer's Home Page
It is a pleasure for me to award Shammah's Beanfield Award of Excellence to Doy Moyer. Our friendship goes back to our Louisville, KY years. I've always know him to be a careful student of the Word and a solid thinker. He is absolutely one of the best, young writers around. Very thoughtful without sacrificing readability. He likes to talk about world views and so do I. Doy has written for many of the religious papers circulated by members of churches of Christ. Furthermore, his articles can frequently be found reprinted in church bulletins around the country. He is currently one of the editors of Focus Magazine. To visit Doy's site, click on the logo above.

StudyWell Website
This is Doy's new site which has won this award also. Atta boy Doy!

Warren E. Berkley's Web Page
I am pleased to be able to award Shammah's Beanfield Award of Excellence to Warren E. Berkley. My correspondence with Warren goes back to the eighties, when we were fighting Humanism and the New Age movement. Even today, when folks want to know something about the New Age movement, I always recommend Warren, who I consider to be the best man in the brotherhood on the subject. His site has been around for a long time and in addition to his good articles, which can be accessed from this site, it provides invaluable links. Warren also does a religiously oriented weekly article focusing on godly living that comes out each Monday. You can get on that mailing list by clicking Monday Morning Articles and typing MM in the subject line. Warren is the Front Page Writer for The Preceptor and is an editor of Expository Files. He also maintains the Resource Center for Bible Students.

Ferrell Jenkins' Web Page
I am very happy to present Shammah's Beanfield Award of Excellence to Ferrell Jenkins. This award was designed for the webmasters of personal web pages with original articles. But, I decided to make an exception in Ferrell's case. Although this site consists mostly of links, over the years it has provided such a great service to the rest of us that it has certainly proven itself to be worthy of this award. And although there may be other exceptions in the future, right now, this site is the only one. Far and away, it is the best known and most visited web page among conservative, non-institutional brethren. Consequently, a listing of your site toward the top of Ferrell's links page is a position much to be desired.

Bible inSite Logo
I am pleased to present Shammah's Beanfield Award of Excellence to Carey Dillinger for his Bible inSite web page. Bro. Dillinger, a public school teacher and faithful member of the Lord's church, has certainly been standing in his own “beanfield.” This site, consisting of sermon notes and Bible studies, has much good information for those interested in studying God's Word. This is exactly the kind of site for which this award was originally designed. You can pay this site a visit by clicking on the logo above.

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