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I am sometimes asked...

“What particular religious persuasion do you reflect in your teaching?”

As much as lies within me, I try to reflect a non-sectarian approach to the Scriptures, with a desire only to let the Bible speak for itself. I can honestly say that I do not try to reflect any one denominational creed (Catholic, Protestant, etc.) or one particular systematic theology (Calvinism, Arminianism, Pelagianism, etc.). What I teach and believe is the result of my own personal studies of God's Word. I ask only for the reader to apply “The Berean Test” as he or she examines the lessons (Acts 17:11).

As for me personally, I am simply a Christian, a disciple of Jesus Christ, and a member of the Lord's body, the church mentioned in the New Testament.  In view of the Lord's prayer for unity (John 17: 20-21), and Paul's condemnation of division (1 Corinthians 1:10-13), I disdain denominational distinctions and all forms of sectarianism.

I have been blessed to serve as a minister of the gospel of Christ for twenty-plus years, having worked with churches made up of individuals who are likewise trying to be simply Christians. Using the New Testament as their authority in matters pertaining to the work, worship, and organization of the local church, these churches are independent, self-governing, and totally non-denominational.  These churches have no written creed (other than the Bible), and constantly engage in Bible study (not creed rehearsal), fine-tuning their understanding and practice to conform with what they learn from the Scriptures. Although these groups are frequently referred to as “churches of Christ” (Romans 16:16), they are not to be confused with any denomination that might be known as the “Church of Christ.”

With the religiously divided state of society, I know many may find it hard to believe that one can be simply a Christian without any denominational affiliation. It is not easy, but I believe it is not only possible, but from the Lord's viewpoint, absolutely necessary. Therefore, I often say that I am neither Jewish, Catholic, nor Protestant; I am simply a Christian (Acts 11:26; 26:28; I Peter 4:16). And as such, I believe God has spoken fully and completely through His Son Jesus Christ and His apostles and prophets whose words are contained in the Bible. As I teach, I try to reflect this belief.

I hope this helps to answer questions you may have about what I teach.

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