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July 2006 Edition

Welcome to re:thinking magazine. Below you will find the titles, with a short synopsis, of the various articles appearing in this issue. We are interested in any feedback you may have, whether positive or not, so feel free to e-mail us at If you wish to correspond directly with the writers, their e-mail addresses are provided at the end of their articles.

Editorially Speaking: Some Thoughts On Preachers And Preaching

By Allan Turner

To read this editorial, click here.

Angels (Part II)

By Wayne Wells

To read Wayne’s second article setting forth what the Bible teaches about angels, click here.

Choosing Elders (Part III)

By Randy Blackaby

Choosing elders for a local congregation often becomes one of the most difficult, controversial and sometimes divisive things a group of saints undertakes. When this is the case it usually is linked to misunderstandings about the qualifications set forth in scripture for congregational overseers. To read Randy’s third article in this series on choosing elders, click here.

Evil And Free Will

By Doy Moyer

Although evil is real, it is not a “thing.” To read how this subject impinges free will and vice versa, click here.

The Church Without Laity (Part IX)

By Allan Turner

The church purchased with the precious blood of Jesus Christ is unique (cf. Acts 20:28). It is most unfortunate that it remains a church unknown to most. It is, astoundingly, a church without laity, and it is this feature that Allan will be focusing on in this series of articles. To read the ninth and final installment in this series, click here.

By Women, For Women: “Stranger On A Train”

By Lydia Humphries Casey

In this article, Lydia shares with her readers the impact of a seemingly chance encounter. To read what she has to say, click here.

Ode To The Unknown God (Part IV)

By Allan Turner

In this fourth in a series of thirteen articles, Allan continues his study of the one true God, noting the psychological nature of idolatry, and making a critical examination of some of the idols we moderns have constructed for ourselves. These articles will form the core of a book to be published soon. To read the third installment, click here.

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