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October 2005 Edition

Welcome to re:thinking magazine. Below you will find the titles, with a short synopsis, of the various articles appearing in this issue. We are interested in any feedback you may have, whether positive or not, so feel free to e-mail us at If you wish to correspond directly with the writers, their e-mail addresses are provided at the end of their articles.

Editorially Speaking: You've Broken My Heart, Mr. Bush

By Allan Turner

On September 22, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Supreme Court nomination of John G. Roberts, Jr. A 13-5 vote sent his nomination to the full Senate where on September 29 he was overwhelmingly confirmed with 56 Republicans and 22 Democrats voting "yes" and only 22 Democrats (the usual suspects) voting "no." A lot of conservatives are happy about this. Allan's not. In this rather long editorial (it is, in fact, an extremely long editorial) he explains why. If you're interested in some background history to current events, especially as it relates to Supreme Court nominees, then you’ll want to read what Allan has to say about this in this passionate and very revealing editorial by clicking here.

The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit (Part II)

By Wayne Wells

In this second of several articles on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Wayne advances the point that one must understand the variety of indwellings taught in the Bible if we are to properly understand the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. To read more about it, click here.

Want To Understand The Bible? Start At The "Beginning"

By Randy Blackaby

To read another excellent article by Randy Blackaby, this time on the importance of starting at the Beginning, click here.

Gender & Worship (Part III)

By Allan Turner

In this third in a series of five articles, Allan continues to argue there are serious differences over the role of women in public worship, along with the part they are to play in church leadership. To read more about this, and other aspects of this issue, click here.

Why Genesis Matters (Part III)

By Doy Moyer

In this third of a series of articles on the importance of the book of Genesis, Doy continues to explain why Genesis matters when it comes to developing and maintaining a genuine biblical worldview. To read this installment, click here.

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