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November 2005 Edition

Welcome to re:thinking magazine. Below you will find the titles, with a short synopsis, of the various articles appearing in this issue. We are interested in any feedback you may have, whether positive or not, so feel free to e-mail us at If you wish to correspond directly with the writers, their e-mail addresses are provided at the end of their articles.

Editorially Speaking

By Allan Turner

In this month's editorial Allan deals with several subjects: "Race And Crime: The Lynching Of Bill Bennett," "Ms. Bush And The Charge Of Sexism," "Harriet Miers' Withdrawal," "The Elephant In The Room And The Toothless Republican Party," and "Judge Alito." You can read what Allan thinks about all these by clicking here.

The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit (Part III)

By Wayne Wells

In this third of several articles on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Wayne deals with how the Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian. To read more about it, click here.

Worldwide Conflict: Why Islam and the Christian Faith Clash

By Randy Blackaby

To read a timely and informative article by Randy Blackaby on the conflict between Christianity and Islam, click here.

Gender & Worship (Part IV)

By Allan Turner

In this fourth in a series of five articles, Allan continues to argue there are serious differences over the role of women in public worship, along with the part they are to play in church leadership. To continue reading on this subject, click here.

Why Genesis Matters (Part IV)

By Doy Moyer

In this fourth in a series of articles on the importance of the book of Genesis, Doy continues to explain why Genesis matters when it comes to developing and maintaining a genuine biblical worldview. To read this installment, click here.

The Church Without Laity (Part 1)

By Allan Turner

The church purchased with the precious blood of Jesus Christ is unique (cf. Acts 20:28). It is most unfortunate that it remains a church unknown to most. It is, astoundingly, a church without laity, and it is this feature that Allan will be focusing on in this series of articles. To read this first installment, click here.

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