Where Were You In '62 title

This page is just for fun and old time's sake. In the 1961-62 school year, I was a 17 year-old senior who played left halfback for King High School in Tampa, Florida. The previous year I had played quarterback, and although I was first string, in all honesty, I was a pretty sorry quarterback. Left halfback suited me better and was much more to my liking. Our school colors were red, white, and blue. Therefore, the color scheme of this page is in honor of the old school colors.

Allan playing football

This photo is of “yours truly” at the beginning of an 85-yard touchdown run. Caught a pass for another TD later in the game. Never again, not even in my dreams. :-)

Allan at 18

My senior picture taken some 54 years ago.

Anita cheerleading Anita and National Honor Society

These are photos of “my honey” for the last 50 years.

Photo above, Anita is inducting new members into the National Honor Society. Now, as smart as she is, she still married me. Go figure!

Photo on the left, Anita (her last name was Reich) was a cheerleader for King High school during the 1961-62 school year, and was cheering me on during the 85-yard touchdown run mentioned above. Go Lions! Happily, she's been cheering me on ever since, and I love it and her, but not in that order. She went on to be head cheerleader her senior year.

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