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Below is a list of books I have personally reviewed. They are all of value to those interested in Bible truth, worldviews, and the ongoing culture wars. In fact, most are uncommonly good and are essential references on the bookshelves of the informed.

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Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

This book, Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, is a classic. I've had it in my library since the early 90s. Over the years, I have turned to this book many times in my writing and research. The editors, John Piper and Wayne Grudem, have done an excellent job in dealing effectively and critically with “Evangelical Feminism,” which argues for egalitarianism in the home, church, and society.

Churches of Christ have been affected by this extremely volatile issue, and such will cause many problems for the church in the 21st century. This book deals with all the main passages of Scripture in this controversy. It is an invaluable tool to anyone interested in this ongoing controversy. You can securely order this book online by clicking on the book graphic above or the “Buy the book” graphic below.

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Idols For Destrcution

There is no cover graphic for this book. Even so, Idols For Destruction: Christian Faith and Its Confrontation with American Society, by Herbert Schlossberg, is featured here because it is a classic on the exposition of the various competing worldviews and philosophies affecting Americans in the latter half of the 20th century.

I have owned this book since the early 80s and, over the intervening years, I have given this book to many of my friends and associates. Eventually, I quit giving the book away when I realized my friends were not reading it. Seems they found it to be just a bit “too difficult.” Admittedly, the book is not easy to read, as Schlossberg plumbs the depths of the various competing philosophies of our day. Those who have read this book have been richly rewarded. Other than the Bible, this is the only book I've read from cover to cover more than once. Much of what I know about the concepts and consequences of varied philosophies and worldviews, I owe to this book.

Now, if these kinds of things interest you, then you can't afford to be without this book. You can securely order it online by clicking on the book graphic above or the “Buy the book” graphic below.

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Idols For Destrcution

In my opinion, Unmasking The New Age is the best book that has ever been written on the errors of the New Age movement. As such, I believe it to have been one of the most significant religious books of the 80s. In it, Douglas R. Groothuis, who is now an associate professor at Denver Seminary, chronicled the incredible infiltration of New Age thinking into every aspect of American culture.

In 1986, after I started doing some research and writing on the New Age movement, I came across this newly published book and found it penetrating, comprehensive, and extremely well-researched. That this book is still in print 13 years after it was first published is a testimony to its value in understanding this very important movement.

Unfortunately, the New Age thinking has been thoroughly absorbed into the cultural mainstream of America. If you want to know more about how New Age thinking has influenced politics, science, health care, education, and religion, then you need this book, which can be securely ordered online by clicking on the book graphic above or the “Buy the book” graphic below.

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